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Snow and fun are our watchwords!


Livigno is also the ideal destination for those who love snowboarding. There are numerous themed snowparks and you can meet the globe’s greatest freestylers who train and take part in world-famous festivals and events.

Mottolino Snowpark

Mottolino Snowpark is the most famous in Italy and one of the most popular in Europe. It’s equipped with several lines and facilities for jumps, choreographies and routines. It’s also home to the world’s most prestigious snowboarding competitions.

Livigno Park Carosello 3000

Livigno Park Carosello 3000, another beloved snowpark in Livigno, is famous for its bordercross routes, bagjump areas and itineraries which are also suitable for children.

Fun, sport and nature, 2700 metres above sea level!

The Beach: the tropical-themed snowpark

At The Beach Snowpark you can snowboard in a tropical setting.

Palms trees, coconuts and beach parties in the snow attract the craziest and liveliest freestylers.

Love snow in all its forms? Discover all the things to do in Livigno in winter!