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Via Dala Gesa, 678

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Mountain Bike

A world dedicated to all things cycling awaits you in Livigno!

Mountain Bike

Thanks to the topography of the land, Livigno is the preferred spot for those seeking a sporty holiday, especially when it comes to mountain biking.

Even the most advanced will be amazed by mountain biking challenges in the Valtelline valley, with 3200 km of GPS mapped paths. Novices, meanwhile, can enjoy at least 18 km of cycle paths surrounded by nature.

Mottolino Bike Park

Mottolino Bike Park is one of the largest European parks dedicated to all things cycling and is home to the MTB championships. With 13 trails categorised by difficulty, jump areas, parabolic reflectors and equipment rental, many call this park a “bikers’ paradise”.

Bike Accademy and Downhill cycling

Inside Mottolino Bike Park is Bike Academy, a school where you can learn the best downhill, cross-country and jump techniques. Certified instructors are on-hand to help you learn the ropes of mountain biking.

Fat Bike: winter on two wheels

Fat Bikes are special bicycles with larger tyres and saddles. They allow you to go on excursions even in winter and ride over snowy, difficult paths: guaranteed fun!

After your experience on two wheels, we recommend driving a car on ice and snow at the Ice Driving School!